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Free Divorce Case Consultation

Divorce in Scotland, like anywhere else, can be a nightmare but experienced family lawyers can provide you with real help, support and understanding, at this awful time. Get back in control of your life, with our support.

We are not a big law firm with para legals, trainees and support staff. We specialise in Divorce and Family Law. Al Gordon is widely regarded as an expert in this field of law. When we say we will deal with your case personally, that is what we mean. You can contact your SOLICITOR at any time.

If we can start to help you today, then we will. Just complete our online form and let us answer your questions. Maybe we can take some of the worry away , right now!

Divorce in Scotland can be costly but let us provide you with some FREE information and advice to help you make informed choices about how to go forward. Complete our online enquiry form with some personal details and your question and we will get back to you, usually within the hour.

  • No obligation - FREE online case consultation.
  • Your e mail address will be secure. Never spammed, sold or traded.
  • Your question and our answer, will remain private.
  • Uncertainty about your divorce is one of the biggest stress factors at a time like this. Get the answers that can help you, right now!


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Divorce lawyer Scotland